In early November, I applied for the Microsoft SDE role online, and got an offer last week after 3 rounds of interview: Recruiter Phone Screen, Online Coding Test, and the final visual on-site (4 back-to-back interviews). I would like to share with you this whole journey, and hopefully you will…

In this article, you will learn all the steps required to configure an email automation job from your workstation. Requirements: Python 3.x, Jinja2. Since email and smtplib modules belong to Python’s standard library, no need for installation.

To install jinja2:

pip install jinja2


python -m pip install jinja2


The main purpose of Python virtual environments is to create an isolated environment for Python projects. This means that each project can have its own dependencies, regardless of what dependencies any other project has.

1. Installing virtualenv

The module we will use to create virtual environment is virtualenv, you can install the tool…

The Point

This is the point.

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